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A collaborative, arts-based, social justice storytelling project centering the narratives of low-income immigrants and asylum seekers. 


ASV offers trauma-informed, arts-based workshops for immigrant community members, using multimedia art to catalyze healing and develop stories based on their lives and voices. 


ASV organizes events to share narrators’ stories in immersive community events and exhibitions to promote empathy, engagement, and collective action towards equity and justice for migrant communities.


ASV develops exhibits to share the complex details and histories of migration to the United States with the broader public. In educating students and the community on U.S. interventionism, extractive industries, climate migration and immigration policy, ASV helps add context to stories of migration.


Through workshops, long-form oral history interviews, ASV works with narrators to share their own stories in audio, video, and written formats. Their stories demonstrate the diversity of migration experiences and highlight different intersectional issues including LGBTQIA+ identities, climate migration, and indigenous resistance. 

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